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6.4 Virtual Mixing

Virtual DJ Mixing.

This form of mixing will require a computer and a specialised program that will resemble a turntable and mixer.

Some basic features of a virtual mixing program that is “in the box” is the ability to cue a song, play and pause and choose music either from a local drive or from the cloud.

Some Virtual programs also have bonus features that include beat detection and some will sync and seamlessly mix the music. There are also virtual programs that will allow you to record your mixes.

There are lots of different variations of programs that can achieve some great results with all kinds of interesting interfaces and they range in price and functionality. Some virtual mixing is free, and it is a great way to learn how to DJ and get a taste for the necessary fundamentals of mixing and beat matching.

Issues with Virtual Mixing and how to overcome them

One issue that is often apparent is that some computers do not have a dedicated line for headphones and so it is often hard to monitor the headphones and hence listen to the and cue the next song.

This can be overcome by buying a dedicated sound card that will allow you to send and monitor the mix. It also gives the added benefit of better sound pre-amplifiers and better digital to analog (D to A) conversion.