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6.0 Turntables


Functions and controls of the the Turntable ( or other DJ controllers)

Essential functions (Tempo and play/pause)The functions of the vinyl turntable have set the standards for other turntables. The minimum requirements for a turntable is to have a play/pause button and the ability to affect the speed of music, usually by using a physical slider that can be moved to speed up or slow down the tempo of the track.

Basic Functionality:

  • A moveable platter/ Jog wheel as a way to manipulate the speed or position of the current song.
  • Pitch slider to alter the speed/ tempo of the song.
  • Play pause button to start and stop the music on time.


There are roughly 4 types of music playing devices used by DJ's.

This includes:

  1. Vinyl Turntables
  2. CDJ CD Turntables
  3. Midi Controllers ( All in one)
  4. Virtual Decks (Computer software)