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5. Starting Tips, HW & SW

It all starts with the music!

Before investing in any equipment, the most important part of becoming a DJ is using your music collection. 

Having your music accessible is critical and there are music pools that you can use to collect and download new, high quality music. 

First start with the music you already know and have.

You will need to spend time building and organizing your music. 

  • First gather 100 songs, this might be 6 CD's.
  • Then create a folder for a set of 25 songs that you could play out of those 100 songs.
  • Develop a system of creating files and folders so that you can easily find your music.

Getting a taste

Before investing in any DJ Hardware. It is worth downloading some Free Software or some software trials. You must do your research if you are going to spend money and try and get a feel for the piece of equipment or the software. Virtual DJ is a free program and is how many DJ's learn the basics.

Link to Download Virtual DJ 

Link to download Serato Lite

Its good to try out some equipment and put yourself in situations where you are surrounded by like minded individuals.. If you access some equipment before you buy it to try it out by trying your friend’s gear or just walking into a store and sampling your product there. Anything you can do to get your hands on some of the diverse DJ gear that is available.

Read the Manual

Be sure to at least open the user  manual before you play with gear, all user manuals for any gear can be found online.

Buying Tips

If you want to get serious, you must first draw up a budget and go from there. Do your research on a product before you decide to make buyers commitment. This book will give you guidance and by the end you can work out how to spend your budget according to your situation. A little later we will show you how to start off for free using software programs and digital music.

Traditionally, people will buy some decent headphones to start. Then once you understand more you can go and buy music players such as CDJ’s or turntables, a mixer , and possibly some speakers as a starting point but there are many more options today and we will get into that later.

One essential item to own is a set of headphones. Preferably one with an adaptor from 3.5m (Ipod) to a 6.5m (similar to guitar cable).  

If you can afford it, buy expensive equipment. You won't be disappointed because you get what you pay for in this industry. If you don’t have a large budget and you're just starting up, look out for good deals on second hand equipment.

If you buy 

Make sure to record the Serial Number S/N of your equipment!

The gear can be very valuable and having the unique serial number will help if your gear is stolen.

Keep a good record of any licence keys for software and also usernames and passwords for memberships.

Google Drive is recommend as it is in the cloud and is linked to your google e-,mail