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Sound Effects (SFX EFX FX)

Some DJ mixers have a built in effects unit that allows them to add effects to manipulate the sound in certain ways.

One way to add FX is using the send the send and return feature to send your signal to an external effects unit where you can process your sounds and then return them to the mixer.

Some mixers will have a built in effects unit that will allow you to assign effects and their parameters. 

  1. Choose what channel you want to affect, whether it be one channel or multiple.
  2. Choose an effect that you want to add.
  3. Then listen to the effect in your headphones first usually by pressing a button that will send the effects to your headphones only, for monitoring purposes.
  4. Adjust the parameters of the effect until it sounds good in your headphones.
  5. Enable the effect by pressing the Main EFX on/of switch to Send it to the master Output, to the speakers.
       Remember that many of the effects are timing sensitive, so you must be counting the music while and hit the EFX button as if you were cue'ing a song.