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"DJ, your way ! "

DJ your way

What makes you a DJ?

Have you ever been listening to a song, and all of a sudden, another similar song comes into your head and you say to yourself " these songs would sound great together!"?

Well you might just have what it takes to be a DJ,

A DJ is an entertainer, we play and manipulate 2 or more music sources in order to keep a constant flow of music .

DJ’s are mass consumers of music, their job is to introduce and share new music with others. It can be a form of expression like any other musical instrument. Learning to DJ takes mastery and persistence just like any other musical instrument


DJ Mixing

DJ Mixing is a process or combining tracks in order to keep the music playing constantly. The illusion of keeping a continuous song. The DJ can rotate their playlists by switching back and forth between two music (players)sources. There are many ways to fade in the next track and CUE the next song to be heard by the audience and this is the art of DJ mixing.

 There are no written rules in regards to what equipment you need to use to be a DJ, and new,  intuitive ways to DJ are constantly being created. There are however some standards that must be met in order to call yourself a professional. 

Knowledge is potentially powerful, especially when dealing with expensive equipment. This site aims to give you that knowledge in a dynamic way.